Magento 2 projects

Releated: not typical Magento reports

First of all you have think about next questions:

CPU Metrics

  • Number of page views per day (peak/avg)
  • Number of orders per day (peak/avg)
  • Number of unique visits per day (peak/avg)
  • Number of concurrent sessions

DB Metrics

  • Catalog size (number of SKUs in catalog)
  • Type of products (simple/configurable)
  • Number of websites, stores and store views
  • Number of categories


  • Number of concurrent admin users (i.e., users in the backend Magento)


  • Expected growth for next year/two years
  • Average and Peak visitors per day
  • Average and Peak orders per day
  • Average and Peak unique visits per day

Hosting & Development

  • How is the current solution setup? Servers and their configurations
  • What are the site speed requirements? 
  • Pain points or bottlenecks with current Provider